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shape up or pay up real life weekend at bernies wgn news @ 9 good evening. developing story airplane crashed into grandstand reno national check digit air races beginning with a video of the crash plane crash box seats in front of the stands tables called mass casualty sick situation 25 of them with life- threatening injuries and one television station some 12 people have died. bodies across the runway plan was a p-51 mustang the galloping ghost world war two planned by the
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people who saw the crash said there was nothing left of that plan. updating you throughout the newscast as we learn more high-school friends did with the death of a clash make a lincoln east runner hit by a car yesterday during practice by >> nurse working two jobs father heart surgery's now this baby of eight children being remembered all childrennew lennox tonight patrick miznicki bowed heads filled the high school stands parents students and staff remembered their own no matter a bad day or a good day could always turn it around to make it the best day and what could have
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>> 14 year-old patrick mizwicki killed running cross-country practice yesterday authorities say ran in front to the vehicle caught in a blind spot and never saw it coming calls the accident a wake-up call >> i make sure to stop every time definitely trails where there are roads you need to be careful blind spots for cars >> years playing baseball are devastated one of our children we always did what we had to and do the right thing you never heard of the bad side >> outside of the home of the dow suburban block blue ribbons around every tree a team poised at the starting line when his life was cut too short.
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>> all-around good kid nobody did not like him everybody loved him >> grief counselors at the high school classroom to classroom to help student that may have needed it today as for the driver that struck mizwicki as the day citations have been issued but authorities not pressing any further charges again believe the cross country runner-accidentally it right in front of oncoming traffic. >> to perdue university students killed small engine plane crash indianapolis 21 year-old joshua deboer cargo heights the other his roommate at indiana co-pilot was witness says the plan corkscrew into the ground coming down golf course after derrin plane was registered in chicago. crash still under investigation >> dramatic video fire at lincoln park this afternoon
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near the 150 firefighters working on the fire west our vantage thick black smoke poured out of the three story residential building before it collapsed spurted renovation work was being done firefighters under control under one hour flames spreading a brick building. >> and exposure in the building next door one of our biggest concerns the collapse probability the main building to collapse we kept the fire out of the explosion building >> cause of the fire still under investigation. hugs and tears greet local heroes returning from the middle east could it welcome for the national guard troops north riverside today. >> heroes welcome a deserving of
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soldier of staff sgt 1234 transportation country we've night with his wife and 11 year old daughter new sot >> feels so real that to actually touch them not just on the telephone >> so proud of him. we just know that he gives 110 percent for his country. 100 chicago led families returning home to their families north riverside army national guard base this morning. sgt benjamin fernandez seeing his 1 year old son for the first time. days after his birth. most rewarding come soldiers honored nearly as much as missed. 15 soldiers
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receiving combat badges brought stars including staff sergeant sanchez >> very proud of what we accomplished we will do that all over again that is what we are here for it to serve our country. >> reacquainted with families and friends of national guard says at least three years before asked to deploy it again. >> shape up or pay up next wgn chicago new incentive plan you can bet not everybody sees it mayor rahm emmanuel's way. after a long week of violence across the city measuring the city curfew into effect this weekend and a time so many out of work who is looking out for the former,? not bad except for the saints of houbolt park. tom skilling weekend forecast.
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city workers to take part in the plan designed to make people healthier losing weight smoking getting blood pressure more normal. also doing arm twisting. if they did not find out what this plan have to pay $60 more per month out of pocket for health insurance >> the only thing that will not be free not trying we need the employee engaged in the process the benefit tax payer rewarded by a healthy community but also lower cost when it comes to health care. >> interesting jorge ramirez chicago federal of labor president joined and robbed a battle in the latest city hall effort butting heads you get issues also worth noting the only you did not on board with the plant fraternal order of police batt but young people 16 years of age and under the new
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curfew times in affect chicago this sunday uptown with the measure about the new * and fines you can get >> mayor rahm emmanuel that commuters at the will said red line stop this morning to bring change in city policy new curfew would beds in effect sunday night that what really is parental responsibility cannot replace law enforcement community or what parents need to do or are responsible to do making short order that says back up responsible parenting >> kids under 12 years old must be inside by 830 on weekdays the curfew is 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and 11:00 p.m. on week ends. sunday in the fact youngest need to be held by 830. batt but just giving notice to the parents we are asking them to join us
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promoting or safety tests in the area anything going to reduce children to victims of gun violence i m four >> mayor emmanuel and superintended mccarthy says serious anti-crime a strategy included removing police officers off of desk duty and the streets senior curfew citations jumped 30% over the same period last year. penalty for violation of the dollars per infraction $50 for a third strike violation within one year. what is steeped as the toll of violence. 256 students shot last school year alone. 27 of them were killed. approved these roles in july days after officers shot a 13 year old boy in a west humboldt park after the boy allegedly pointed a bb gun at officers.
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>> police commissioner gary mccarthy and fire commissioner throughout ceremonial first pitch is 12 and will chicago police chicago fire department baseball game tonight's game u.s. cellular field several charities including chicago fire department bold gold badge society arcticon the red fallen officers or firefighters >> seven companies in illinois and by working mother magazine 100 of the best companies women can work for one company at the law firm katten muchen rosenman if your made the list from paid parental leave to backup child care fitness facilities company making the list create a workplace of choice for women
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like for attorney also a mother of five years old. part-time work for those who would like. transition program after a maternity leave working your way back into the workforce and i think the most important thing that allows us katten muchen rosenman is a flexible work environment >> former mayor richard daley joined that the law firm after stepping down as mayor. accounting and consulting firms children's memorial hospital and northern trust >> be ready to pay more commuter railroads closer to a fare hike earlier of next year staffers proposed increasing at a board meeting talking 10 wide passes monthly passes how much in dollars and cents? tribune reporter says maybe 30-$40 per month. costs are around $116 for
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a mattress don't you writer good portion of the broader ship going up to approximately $150 talking and monthly passes anywhere from 30-$40. metro board to try to plug $100 million budget hole does not want to cut service will not come before october. they work with those nobody usually wants to work with states of humboldt park. putting chicagos x cons of attack, they find them work and dramatic medicinal poisoned for children under five and the pedestrian based live art what is that? big demand out works how you can join in. i can do a little cash... 50 on this card, maybe do... or you can use kmart layaway - with just $5 plus a little down - you spread the payments
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insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. not something people like to talk about tough economic times may not find sympathy for former prisoners struggle to find a job but tonight's chicagos very own taking it look at it remarkable group of people fighting the odds called saints of humboldt park >> they are the untouchables of american society ex convics fresh from penitentiary with little education or skills to make a living and what happened to welcome that
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>> some of these individuals 25-30 years or more some not all with families basically no place to go back about former gang leader knows the harshness of the streets if you have a criminal record employers will not give you a chance to often the end result is a one-way ticket back to trouble batt but used to be that if someone did a crime and did their time people can for gatt now it does not seem that the attitude that exists in society that but for those who want to change the saints of humboldt park stands ready to help pounded 2003 non- profit agency started as a 12 step program for ex offenders crawling into a multifaceted organization a youth center and activities along with mentoring programs to keep kids out of trouble
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>> used to be part of the destruction of the neighborhood not want to be part of the solution >> helped lead the saints of humboldt parking former high ranking gang member spent 30 years in the penitentiary before he got out this a death in prison for a saints peabody's program now they have joined forces to help others reentry into society does not mean a return to crime >> marketing themself batt but job is a life fight with these acts of factors and the saints to everything in their power to find sympathetic employers willing to give people a second chance also drive families downstate to see loved ones in prison ties that help boost the eyes of success once an inmate gets out this kind of effort has turned his team and the day but saints of houbolt park
9:21 pm
>> other people did not want to deal with that but love and support will tell you if it is possible to turn lives around not all the good for former offenders but good for all of us >> if we do not do something it is going to make the reentry more successful crime problems with community are going to rise >> back to the top story and a bit of awarding new video we have not seen get from the plane crash at the reno air show three people are confirmed dead but reports that more may have been killed world war two plane crashes in front of grants that 56 people injured the pilot confirmed dead wild note racing pilot from florida. coming up nothing wrong with a night on the town to denver guys took it
9:22 pm
way too far. take out their pals for drinks too bad one of the house was dead the whole time. what doctors can tell about you with a quick look at your eyes and black hawks a viral video around the internet. explaining this right here.
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remember weekend at bernies movie about a couple of knuckleheads who discover bosses' dead body? taken out of life on town to guys in denver found their friend dead in their homes. step of calling authorities devoted his body into an s u v night on the town
9:25 pm
at the dead man's expense local bar a bite to eat while the body sat outside in the car feeling guilty to drop to be by off at home and then headed out for move more food allegedly used atm card. finally flies down police officer at their home and might be dead. charged with abusing a corpse identity theft criminal impersonation that it is like art imitating art or it how does that go? batt but stupid. batt but tom skilling forecast
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feels like fall of ready >> today was the first day in six months the sun set at 6:00 lost minutes of daylight almost three hours the sun will shine tomorrow that is good news and at the rain coming down to the area and texas also temperatures come back not all bad news tonight on goodies gray skies sprinkled on parts of the area we have our third consecutive day below 60 degrees. not this
9:29 pm
early in 88 years after the back to 1924 for that to have happened and unusual cool spell to bite frost and freeze advisories in the upper midwest but not for us to extend it into illegal and the cool air mass movement to the east high temperatures today 58 degrees in chicago, high-pressure 75 degrees. inside we are going to warm up look at how much of the country is warburg tonight that 24 hours ago. process has already started would not know that at some areas northern section of wisconsin earliest snow at 95 years yesterday. setting records overnight 43 degrees tonight at right letter 20 degrees this morning. process has started despite the chilly temperatures slowly moving out of the area but that some of the low temperatures pretty chilly
9:30 pm
air taking what recovery we can get. wind is like tonight turning se picking up over the weekend immoderate values of mold spores grass and weed pollen abroad the area today are read this week it has bid for hay fever sufferers rains marching into the area expected to counter the dry air by the time we got here and what that sprinkles. you can't see on the radar review how we are still getting radar returns may still be a sprinkle it spots most of the parade but off the beat goes down here in texas breaking the heatwave a couple hundred degree temperatures right in the heart of trout country had adopted rainfall tonight at fact a doppler plot of the great fault light in our area you will see the grains embedded in the blue
9:31 pm
red caviar around dallas-fort worth san antonio look at some of these taxes right spurted a weather bug camera at garland tx shot like rainfall, and you cannot imagine what that means to the folks watching us on wgn america. or read this summer with wild fires and everything in the meantime rainfall was paltry cool bortnick los no frost this bortnick stake in the '50s much of the area today 54 degrees at o'hare. fifties in mchenry county as well. sunny weather of the way low rent the
9:32 pm
beatings as you will see and a bit mid-60s low seventies that that has been cloud simulation moisture fields clouds about breaded away stop this flow coming wind out of the appalachian mountains sinking air dries moving westward drive weather coming in from the east or rodent these clouds after what looks to be cloudy start yes, hope to get some before october clouds come back in randi dey 43 degrees and 6-70
9:33 pm
mi. per hour tomorrow night sot these twins low 54 degrees and some day we could start with a touch of some light clouds coming showers could start at anytime from a midday forward. might be a thunderstorm sunday night high-temperature 71 degrees are moving in the right direction. probably not a lot of heat waves going to be fault that the remember good news >> happy friday >> coming up concerned more children that before many more accidentally poisoned by madison >> fide wall to be against
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tonight's medical watch medication errors rise an astronomical rate despite prevention efforts poisonings accidental overdose of medications designed to make them feel better 2001-2008 medication poisoning increased by 22 percent. the journal of pediatrics reports on the problem half million children hospitalized medication overdose seven year study. doctors suggest packaging for adult and childrens medicine and better labels would help >> apple a day may keep a stroke a away or add a pear fruits with white flesh appear to protect against stroke study journal american heart association previous studies linking high fruit and vegetable association with lower risk, most phytochemicals and flavonoids to improve blood flow other categories cucumber chile look for heart problems around the eyes of men and women with
9:38 pm
yellowish spots around their eyes may be greater risk for heart attack visible cholesterol deposits linked to heart disease and a tax british medical journal yellow raised patches also indicate a threat of death within 10 years and if you see these the risk held true for men and women regardless of other risk factors seem to be an indication of evidence that at heart problems. batt but >> oh my goodness. you take tore through chicago streets and a perspective on the city to those lucky enough to get in and pga tour continues playoffs at cog hill vermont highlights and reaction later in sports.
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roadtrip. vegas. vegas! now?! [ female announcer ] two hours to vegas. two hours to whiten. ♪ ♪ crest whitestrips two hour express.
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9:42 pm
a time like this creative scene behind on route test in based live art event recruited to the area shakespeare theatre founder to it and tore scottland brought it over under the guise of our world stage program and an initiative 10 years old pieces from all around the world. on the route to a very hard to explain you have to experience for yourself what to pay attention to from their ascent into downtown alley ways walking slowly up the alley find a wall to the against the book and about as though it were in a relationship that pre establish target with that bat but experience almost like a
9:43 pm
scavenger hunt said the underground you get into hotel rooms that but looking through drawers the many french battle over 100 minutes you see the city at ways you have not seen before that came from an idea looking at people looking into poetry looking at the an apartment what that brings that up most of us have walked around totally different orientation to the thinks a battery or a personal association walking around the undercover tape along the way directed you with text messages it is hard not to look around and wonder bread the people are following year. batt but we like to keep things back from the audience you can go ahead with a clean slate and not know what
9:44 pm
part of the show and therefore your of imagination can start batt but always surprised some people very an emotional responses that is always very meaningful. batt but my favorite part people at the end of the show can't wrap concepts of robbs things that have happened to them that i'd never thought of before and to show me the new life as well and always walking around with my ipod on sinking into soundtrack anyways to have that guided experience focusing get that experience we can look into these #$%%# of market opening my eyes the thinks in my old city that i was missing telling everybody chicago is my boyfriend we have debated for seven years and i fell in love with my boyfriend all over again. batt but word of mouth hit for the chicago shakespeare
9:45 pm
additional run the sold-out extended quickly sold out and get one step at a time backstop what did 2012 and let the games mark wilson wgn news @ 9 >> this set of the tour of chicago was a stop at the weather center-but actually somebody says stay away turn somewhere else love to have them come back here always fun could use or a temperatures at sot shot, but tomorrow dies after the great day we saw today. here you can see the cloud cover tonight they sprinkle a spot or
9:46 pm
two cloudy at to the morning hours and look what happens during the day the bottle insisted moisture levels are such we ought to scout or disguise clear some of the clouds and go partly saw the admirable clouds coming back at us again tomorrow night and what is happening a big canadian southeast wind south side of the way from tennessee kentucky to west virginia back into our area, and out of the bout this and out of the mountains and we try it out of the east which is wild. both moisture brought up watch of the clouds we assembled that the backup eastward again and by midday sunday morning we have showers lotic western suburbs it here in the artist during the afternoon in a good nascar race people are concerned. keeping an eye on
9:47 pm
that as well look at some of the brain that number's not unsubstantial effect the bottle is kicking out over an inch of rainfall over the weather system 50s going up to 40 stibnite far northwest suburbs somewhat low a bid 60s to borrow 70 forecast taking us to 67 degrees tomorrow. 77 degrees on monday and tuesday next friday 70 degrees start of what takes place officially forward by a and talk about that next week some showers vaguely sunday started with cloudy skies police surprised sot will break out as the day goes on batt but have a great weekend close-up look at some of the most memorable images of the day from the riding to the return of soldiers tribune photos of the
9:48 pm
day began with a fire more photos available or black
9:49 pm
hawks media day this morning captain caught on camera jonathan toews accidentally checking child and canadian hockey camp this summer everything ended up ok. he is okay. shook it off took awhile where did you see that? i thought it was funny yes more than anything else while you learn how to hit over the off- season or something but he is okay we were playing a game of keep away and the kid turned one
9:50 pm
way at that looked away and teacup ride back and and i had no time to get out of the way. read that over it was ugly. >> coming up in sports plenty of kids coming monday what the team chicago bears think of playing against their former leader olin kreutz that try to stay on top cog hill cog sports next. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner. and these are the ones you'll love as dinner. grands! mini pizzas. grands! biscuit dough... plus 3 ingredients make an easy dinner everyone loves. grands! mini pizzas... from pillsbury. let's get chinese. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes.
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9:53 pm
man. i can't even trust myself. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser kitchen and bath scrubbers. the clean is out of this world. chris harris lance louis marion barber olin kreutz route 2 cog
9:54 pm
hill jim walker real nicely drops in perfectly for the eagle. the battle for the lead between justin rose and mark wilson justin rose par 5 long
9:55 pm
eagle drops lines up -11 after bogey 18 justin rose mark wilson saves par tough shot best up and down of career tied for lead -11 halfway point. >> everything came easily felt piece on the golf course trusted my game for stole first thing that popped it up by the plant tiger woods 2009 shot 62 after opening bo-peep so my bike was a bit right place to give up things like that. media day black hawks' first practice play takes place tomorrow patrick kane wrist surgery after convention addressed the issue today all good news >> i think we are going to be precautionary about putting myself into contact away but i will be skating twice a day at
9:56 pm
practice giving them with whatever team is out there and working pretty hard to get my range of motion back but happy and everything is that doctors are happy all and all good news batt but we are excited make sure you did not burn yourself out or get too excited too quickly >> philip h umber 2 run shot try to avoid 6 loss at a row. davis by todd 6-6 bottom half of the eighth thing. strange day at wrigley field matt garze goes into 9th nursing 3 run laed, carlos lee shot cubs blew lead
9:57 pm
3-3, 12th not too happy cubs won friendly call chopper ruled fair territory replaced shows otherwise. chicago cubs victorious 4-3. no chicago bears on sunday >> have a good night. happy you shared time with us. i can do a little cash... 50 on this card, maybe do... or you can use kmart layaway - with just $5 plus a little down - you spread the payments over eight weeks with no finance charges.
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verizon is the place with the largest selection of 4g lte devices. on america's fastest most advanced 4g network.

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